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I read The Surrendered Wife a few years ago. I am a control freak, so it was very difficult to follow what the author proposed. But I tried to use the phrasing suggested in the book and telling him how thankful I was when he did things. I didn’t see a change and also I didn’t have the time or inclination to join any group the author, Laura Doyle, had to offer. So I search for a short cut. I read a lot off the internet and came across books that claim they had the answers to a better marriage. It was very overwhelming. To make a long story short, I came across a site that mentioned domestic discipline. I had to find out what domestic discipline was and when I did there was no turning back.



All I was looking for was for a better marriage. However, I found so much more.
I searched the Internet of course, using various search criteria. What I found was overwhelming. 
I found lists from 5 ways to improve your marriage to 20 ways to make your marriage stronger. And most of these lists overlap with the same information (and they used slideshows, I hate slideshows). I found sites with a religious tone, not for us, but I read them. I found sites that talk about better communication, I read them. I found sites that told me the mistakes that couples make in bed, I read them. I found sites that said a wife should surrender to her husband, I read them (this one caught my attention).


Babygirl ?

I think I have babygirl tendencies. After reading several blogs I have started to connect more with the entries about how their Daddy made them feel cherished and were much tenderer to them with their words. My Sir is much more of a disciplinarian. Sir expects me to do things or act a certain way because it is the right thing to do. I want to be able to act out/bratty more, in a respectful way of course. But Sir does not always get it.